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About the Website and Quick Start Guide

i imagine - an art first network

Visual Artists, showcase your art here without getting lost in some of the bigger sites. List your home page and contact information so you are easy to find on-line (optional). Create your own keywords so you can control how search engines find your artwork, pick your own thumbnails to represent your collection. You also control how large your pop-up images will be.

No download or special software is needed to make a portfolio. Graphics have been kept simple for fast page load speeds and also to not distract from the art.

The site's current format has each artist creating their own portfolios within Albums. In the future as the site grows these Albums will be separated into different artistic genres. Each user can have as many albums as they like within their 8 Mb limit. This could benefit artists that work in different media.

Portfolio storage space is doubled for the first artists to register. 

Quick Start Guide

1) Create a free account
Click Join I IMAGINE and complete the form. You just need a user name and email address. An email will be sent to you confirming your membership. Your information from the registration is not shared with anyone.

2) Log in, create Album
You will receive an email from i-imagine. Click the link in the message to activate your account. Log in and menus will appear on the top of the main table where you can create your first album. Click on Create/Order my albums to create your first albums. Help icons (?) are on many of the pages to assist you on the way.

3)  Prepare your images (optional)
Before you upload your files (jpg, png) of your artwork you should keep in mind that the page load speed can depend on the size (Kb/Mb) of the image Resize your pictures/files to fit, a height of 700 (or less) pixels is usually good as is a width of  950  pixels (or less).  If you can "Save for Web" you can also get more pictures within your 8 Mb limit. (Of course you should not sacrifice quality if you can help it). Note: these graphic types:  .jpg    .png       are allowed. (no .zip files)

4) Upload your image(s)
Click on Upload file to open the file selector. Upload the files from your computer, as many as 10 at a time. Then you will be asked in which album(s) you want the files to be placed into. In this step you also will create the titles and add your keywords to describe the picture. This step can be done or edited later. Separate the keywords with spaces, the search function for the gallery can use those keywords along with the title information. Be sure to complete this for every file otherwise they will not be saved into the gallery and you will have to upload them again. Thumbnails and mid-sized pictures are created by the software during this step.

5) Add more, organize sort

 When you are done you can click on My Gallery or Artists Albums to find your Album. You can also find your thumbnails on the home page since the software picks these at random when people access or refresh the page. You can then add more files/images, sort the order within your album(s) etc..

6) The FAQ link has a lot of useful information

7) Adding active links  

You can add a link to your home page or your other websites with your art. Add a link to your site in the "Caption" field. Use a complete link - such as - www.i-imagine.net or http://www.i-imagine.net. You can add the links to any or all of your image captions. Your Profile information also has a field for your website. Use the same formatting.

8) What can be uploaded?

Users can upload only their own work or work that they have explicit permission to redistribute.  
If you think someone has loaded your work on to this website please contact the webmaster and it will be removed.

9) What about copyrights?
Members always retain control of their copyrighted artwork. i-imagine.net will never try to control or obtain user's copyrighted material. If users want to release their copyrights they must clearly state the release in the image descriptions.


- Linking to the site and user's/your album(s) is encouraged

- User's email addresses are not made public, if you want to list your email address then include/add it to your image descriptions or profile

-The site will be a work in progress, when upgrades in storage or software are available users will be notified.

- i-imagine.net uses the Coppermine Gallery software, they have great documentation on line. The webmaster here is happy to help you as he can. If "something happens" to your pictures/files here you can always delete them and try again 


Thanks for visiting
The Webmaster


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